Wedding Fees 2020

Basic fee: £530


Organist: £50

Bells: £150.max.

Choir: £50

Heating: £25 or £50

Your Wedding

If you are looking to get married , we will be delighted to discuss the possibility of arranging a marriage service for you in one of our churches, if one of the following legal “qualifying connections” applies to you or your partner:

  • You are currently resident in the parish, where you would like to be married, and have lived there for at least 6  months.

  • The church is your current place of worship and you have attended services regularly for the last six months.

  • You were baptised (christened) at this church.

  • You were prepared for confirmation by this church

  • You have been resident in the parish for at least six months at any time in the past.

  • You have regularly attended public worship at the church for at least six months at any time in the past.

  • During your lifetime, one of your parents has resided in the parish for at least six months or regularly been to church there over a  period of six months.

  • A parent or grandparent was married in the church.

If none of the above apply, you may wish to discuss the possibility of making the church, where you would like to be married, your regular place of worship in order to establish a “qualifying connection.”

We are happy to offer marriage to divorced people at the parish priest’s discretion. A “qualifying connection” will still need to apply.

If you would like to enquire about booking a wedding, please contact Tony, the Rector, by phone, e mail or via the contact page for further information or advice about getting married.

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