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Swarkestone, St.James'

DE73 7GT

St.James' Church and Cross
Sir John of Rolleston
Tomb of Richard and Jane Harpur - 16thc
Arms of King George IV
Tomb of Sir John of Rolleston - 15thc
Minton tiles in the sanctuary
Interior looking east

St. James’ Church is situated down a quiet lane by the banks of the Trent and close to the famous and historic Swarkestone Bridge, the most southerly point reached by the advance guard of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army on their march to London in 1745

Swarkestone also saw battle in the Civil War, when Sir John Gell routed the Cavaliers in 1643.

Swarkestone Bridge is about three quarters of a mile long, though only a part actually crosses the river. The Causeway, built in the 14th century, is still a remarkable example of medieval public works.
The present river bridge was built in 1795/7 after the original was washed away in a great flood.

The Parish Church of St. James’ was, until 1219, a daughter chapel of the Knights of St.John at Barrow. It was heavily restored in 1874-76, with only the 14th century tower and the 16th century Harpur chapel, with its splendid alabaster monuments of the Harpur family, remaining intact.

• We meet for worship once a month on the second Sunday in the month at 10.30 a.m.

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